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Do you know that a human brain can remember a video more than a piece of text? Our minds can retain more than 90% of the information after watching a video. This is why video marketing is a common method to boost sales and promote a travel brand.

If you are starting a travel business, video marketing can help you achieve new heights. Gone are the days when banners and print advertisements were the only ways to reach customers. By sharing videos on online channels, you can attract many customers from different geographical areas. Read on to know ten ways to boost your travel business with video marketing.

Video marketing boosts social sharing

There are many social media platforms used by marketers to reach customers. When a viewer finds a video interesting on social media, it shares the video with virtual friends. Text and image posts on social media will not encourage customers to click on the share button.

More than 70% of social media users share a business video with their friends if they find it interesting. By making appealing business videos, you can gain social media shares. Your brand/product will reach more customers via social media sharing.

Video marketing increases engagement

If you share appealing brand videos on your website or social media handles, users will spend more time browsing your uploads. According to stats, Facebook pages have witnessed an increase in viewer engagement by 33% after sharing videos.

Videos can be easily consumed by potential customers as compared to lengthy product descriptions. By sharing appealing brand videos on social media sites, you can motivate views to like and share your video.

Video marketing enhances the conversion rate

Not all users that visit your website will buy your product. By sharing interesting brand videos, you can make sure that most users convert into buyers. According to stats, more than 70% of users that watched a product video actually bought that product.

Make sure you use brand videos on your website’s homepage to boost the conversion rate. Customers gain confidence in a product after watching a demonstrative video. Demo videos are widely used by travel businesses to market their products/services.

Video marketing ups ROI

The amount of money you invest in video marketing is nothing compared to the results you reap. You spent a little on video marketing but made a lot of money by boosting sales. Video-making tools for travel businesses are available at affordable rates in the market.

Since video marketing boosts sales, it enhances the overall ROI. You can generate sales enough to get a good return on your business investment with video marketing. However, you will have to focus on making appealing brand videos to boost ROI and sales.

Videos enhance the trust level

Marketing focuses on enhancing customer trust and building relationships with customers. With video marketing, you can build turn users into long-term prospects. Brand videos help in building an emotional connection with the customers.

When customers watch a brand video, they are more likely to believe in the products/services. You can show the journey of your business or customer testimonials via videos to establish an emotional connection with the customers.

Search engines love brand videos

Whenever a user searches something on search engines, results containing videos will pop first. Search engines love websites and online channels that use videos. In the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), brand videos are more likely to appear first than other types of content.

You will also have to make relatable videos to catch the attention of web crawlers. A video editor can help you make interesting brand videos. An online video editor can help you make appealing video content that will compel viewers to share it with friends. Also, you can make appealing brand videos cheaply with an online video editor.

Videos attract smartphone users

At present, most people have a smartphone in their possession. According to studies, around 90% of online customers watch brand videos on their mobile phones. By making appealing brand videos, you can attract smartphone users to your product/service.

Customers that watch videos on smartphones are much more than those who watch it on TV sets or PCs. With optimized videos for smartphones, you can provide a personalized experience to viewers. Make sure your video dimensions are optimized according to smartphones.

Videos can explain any product/service

More than 80% of businesses have said that using explainer videos has boosted sales. With an explainer video, you can demonstrate the working, pros, and side effects of any product/service. It is much better than posting a lengthy product highlight in text format which, will be ignored by customers.

Many businesses use animated videos to demonstrate the working of a product. You can tell customers how to use a product/service via a demonstrative video. Customers will have fewer queries regarding your product/service after watching an explainer video.

Video marketing boosts brand awareness

Travel businesses want to gain the attention of customers and build brand reputation. When you post brand videos, you establish a connection with the viewers. When watching a brand video, a customer is seeing and listening to you.

With social shares, your brand video reaches many viewers. In quick succession, your brand can gain publicity on social media platforms. It is helpful for small businesses that are looking for a little recognition.

Videos can boost email marketing

When you embed a video in business emails to customers, you have chances of boosting conversion rates. If viewers aren’t visiting your website, you can send them personalized emails containing videos. You can generate more traffic by using video links in your business mails to customers.

In a Nutshell

Video marketing can create a buzz about a travel business on social media platforms. The traffic on your website will increase significantly after using a brand video. You can use an online video editor to create compelling explainer or demonstrative videos. Start making brand videos to promote your travel business! 

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