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My Home Watch App

  • Written by Candice Meisels

New Aussie app launches which connects home owners to their house or pet sitters providing ‘peace of mind’ when away from home.

My Home Watch, the on-demand property, and pet service, disrupts the old house and pet sitting industry by being the first to introduce their new App, that enables their customers to receive property and pet updates from their local service provider, 24/7, anytime, anywhere, in the world.

My Home Watch is solving a huge gap in the market where there has only ever been the option of a house sitter and having to open your doors to someone staying in your home. They’re NOT house or pet sitters, they’re your property and pets’ new best friend. Taking advantage of future trends in the multi-billion-dollar travel and holiday rental markets. Offering home services to property and pet owners, real-estate agencies, Airbnb and property investment owners.

Services which included interior and exterior home checks, mail collection, bin services, garden, and indoor plant watering, pool, garden care and the coordination of trades and much more, can be booked in under 24hrs notice.

The company has just announced the launch of its own proptech, a software that enables its customers to receive property and pet updates from their local service provider, 24/7, anytime, anywhere, in the world.
Resulting in their customers having complete ‘peace of mind’ as to how their home and pets are.

Natasha Morgan, founder, and CEO of My Home Watch says, “The vision for the App is that we believe a happy customer is an informed one”!

Too often when companies search for software, they forget the interface with the customer. Your customer is the most important part of your business. Why not keep them informed and offer them the satisfaction of knowing everything is ok?” We are a company built on trust and reliability, having complete transparency with our customers is key, after all, we are caring for that matter to them the most!”

"Once a service is completed an automatically generated email with photos gets sent to the customer and to our service provider.”

Franchise partners will be able to:

· Be GPS logged at the time the service is being conducted to prove they were at the property
· Schedule customer appointments
· Save time
· Invoicing
· Flag any issue to the customer for real-time response
· Paperless process
· Email reminders to ensure no property is left unchecked
· Capable to do full property inspection reports for rental properties

Natasha concludes: "Our franchisees can now focus on growing their business. Time can become consumed by creating checklists, typing up reports and downloading photos, scheduling with paper, answering emails and texts from customers, preparing invoices and all this means no time to grow their business! Free time can now be directed to marketing, planning and customer service and all that equals growth. Our software will incorporate invoicing, calendar inputs and let them focus on growing their business and not so much office related work that is required to run a business.”

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