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The pandemic pushed most of us into a sedentary lifestyle. Gone are the days when people can go wherever they want. The usual routine is to wake up, sit and work in your desk chair, and then go straight to bed. It's a draining cycle.

However, we can still turn things around. If you can't go outside and be active, find an alternative. There are a lot of methods you can try at home to stay fit. Let me give you some real examples.

No gym access? Create a home gym by repurposing household items for equipment. For example, try lifting water bottles instead of dumbbells.

Can’t go to a spa for post workout massages? Try using a massage gun after your exercise to relieve muscle pain. It's safe, scientifically-proven to be effective, and worth the money. With this device, you don't have to book multiple massage appointments anymore.

Just because you're staying at home, doesn't mean you should stay still. In this article, we've compiled proven ways on how to keep fit indoors.



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How do I stay fit indoors?

Achieving your fitness goals doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes, a little change in your routine goes a long way. Here are the top 7 methods you should try from now on.

1. Establish a daily exercise routine

We get it; you might be too tired or busy for physical exercise. Not everyone can follow a strict routine. However, you can still work with the time you have by prioritizing your health.

When you put your health first, the rest of your schedule will follow. Take note of the free time you have, and dedicate it to your workout sessions. At least 30 minutes a day is enough to get your heart pumping and undo the effects of sitting for too long.

2. Dance the stress away

Aerobic dance is a great cardio exercise for the mind and body. It boosts your heart rate, helps improve your physical coordination, and tones your muscles. With leveled-up intensity, it can be equivalent to jogging. On average, you can burn around 200 to 400 calories in one dance session.

3. Work out with your bodyweight

If you don't have dumbbells and barbells at home, don't worry. You can still lift your bodyweight instead. With this type of exercise, there's no excuse to skip on weightlifting.

Bodyweight exercise combines both cardio and strength training in one. It burns calories, builds up your endurance, and improves your muscle strength. Moreover, bodyweight exercises are usually compound movements. It means you can work out different muscle groups simultaneously, ensuring full training in each rep.

Overall, lifting your own weight will feel like you're overcoming yourself. Some examples of bodyweight exercises you can try are:

  • Squats

  • Lunges

  • Pushups

  • Pull-ups

  • Sit-ups

  • Burpees

  • Planks

4. Create an at-home gym, with or without equipment

If you can't go out to the gym, why don't you bring it to your home? It doesn't have to be grand or fully equipped. As long as you have some space, you can create your own gym experience at home.

Designate an area in your house for fitness purposes. It should be spacious enough where you can move around for cardio workouts. Afterward, you can fill it up with your fitness tools, such as a yoga mat, jump rope, and weights.

You can also use household items in place of costly equipment. Many fitness enthusiasts settle for water bottles or jugs instead of weights. Those with a staircase at home can walk up and down multiple times and use it as a cardio machine. However, be careful of every step!

5. Change your diet, slowly but surely

80% of fitness is all about nutrition, while the other 20% is for physical exercise. That's why, you should be mindful of what you eat. Your regular diet reflects on how efficiently you can move throughout the day.

Another point to note is changing up your diet shouldn't be instant. It's a gradual process. You wouldn't want to shock your system by abruptly shifting from one diet to another. If you wish to change your eating habits, give yourself time to get used to it.

You can try the following tips for healthy eating:

  • Avoid sugary drinks and fatty snacks.

  • Add healthy snacks to your diet.

  • Switch processed foods for whole foods.

  • Learn to cook for yourself. In this way, you'll be fully aware of what you eat.

  • Don't skip your meals.

  • Go for more protein and probiotics.

  • Count the nutrients, not calories.

6. Take a breather

Never underestimate the effects of rest and recovery. These two aspects of life are essential to staying fit. When you don't have enough rest, your body and mind will feel sluggish. It also leads to health risks, such as muscle injuries and cardiovascular problems.

Remember to take rest days, especially after working out. You can also optimize your recovery by using a massage gun. In this way, you can prevent muscle soreness from persisting and allow your body to repair itself.

7. Pay attention to your mental health

Keeping fit isn't only about your physical health. It's also focused on your mental state. When you're mentally drained and stuck at home, it can bring your energy and motivation down.

To prevent that, take mental breaks. Put your gadget away for a while, and relax. You can meditate, read a book, or start your new hobby. A change of scenery is also good, so take a walk outside, if possible.

Lastly, don't forget to spend quality time with your loved ones. Sometimes, playing around with your pet, or having a good laugh with your family, is all you need. Bonding with them helps improve your relationships and boosts your well-being.

Wait, how much is too much exercise?

Now that you know everything about keeping fit at home, you should note the potential limits.

Working out at home can provide all the health benefits you need. However, it's essential to do it properly. While it can be tempting to try everything at once, you should pace yourself.

As the World Health Organization recommends, you should do 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. If you're going for intense workouts, then 75 hours every week is enough. Too much physical activity can lead to muscle strain and soreness.

As you improve your fitness level, consider including a massage gun in your daily routine. It prevents your muscles from straining themselves by speeding up their recovery.

In particular, Hydragun, the best massage gun Australia can offer, ensures that you're not limited in what you can do. To see if it works, try it for yourself, and share your experience in the comments below.

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