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Are you not happy with your teeth colour and are unable to undergo a teeth whitening procedure? Do you have a small gap, or have chipped, crooked, or misaligned teeth that make you embarrassed about the appearance of your smile? If yes, then it can result in low self-confidence while speaking and laughing with others. 

Some people who are self-conscious about their looks are more likely to miss opportunities in the professional and personal lives, just because they do not feel confident about themselves. In severe cases, depression can also occur.

Fortunately, porcelain veneers Sydney work effectively in addressing the aspects of your smile that make you feel low and less confident. They are one of the most effective teeth restoration options of cosmetic dentistry that gives numerous functional and aesthetic benefits for the teeth.

How to keep porcelain veneers Sydney looking their best?

Porcelain veneers have proved to be a lifesaver procedure for people with various kinds of dental problems. The veneers help in recreating a natural look along with providing protection to the original teeth from damage. Like other dental procedures, porcelain veneers also require regular care and maintenance to extend their life.

Have a look at these guidelines on how to keep veneers looking their best.

Clean them regularly

The best practice is to follow good oral hygiene. The veneers may not get decayed, but the teeth covered under them might. The unclean teeth can result in gum diseases and you may also feel bad breath. So, you are advised to use a soft toothbrush for brushing your teeth and flossing can help in avoiding breakage. You must also use mouthwash to eliminate bacteria that result in teeth decay.

Keep an eye on what you eat

When you have veneers, it is very important to avoid foods that can stain. These include coffee, wine, soda, tobacco, etc. If you are fond of these foods or beverages, you must clean your teeth each time you take these foods. It will help in preventing permanent stains.

Brush them gently

Dental veneers are breakable, so when you brush them, do it gently. When you have veneers, do not use your teeth for opening bottles or also never bite hard surfaces. You must follow the aftercare instructions given by your dentist on cleaning and maintenance.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Smoking and alcohol are not only harmful to your health, but can also decrease the lifespan of your porcelain veneers Sydney. Smoking can turn your veneers into yellow and brown colours, and can also cause gum disease and decay of your natural teeth. Alcohol can corrode teeth under the veneers and cause veneers to fall off.

Maintain post-installation care

Once your veneers are placed on your teeth, the dentist will provide the dates for the check-up and cleaning process. You must visit your dentist two times a year. If there is any adjustment and maintenance is required, they will be performed at that time.

Ask for teeth-whitening toothpaste


When your porcelain veneers Sydney are installed, the dentist matches the porcelain colour with your natural teeth colour. You can ask your dentist for the best teeth-whitening toothpaste. This toothpaste will help in keeping your teeth white and bright without corroding the material and teeth underneath.

Common Advantages of Porcelain Veneers Sydney

Some of the common advantages of using porcelain veneers are as follows:

Whiter and brighter smile

Porcelain veneers are available in various shades. If you require only one or two veneers, the cosmetic dentist matches them to your original teeth colour. If you require veneers for all teeth, it means you can improve the appearance of your smile by choosing the light shade. Due to this reason, this procedure is quite helpful for patients who cannot undergo a teeth whitening procedure.

Stain resistance

Veneers are not only beneficial for getting a whiter and attractive smile, but they also work great in retaining the colour of your teeth for longer. It is so because; porcelain is quite resistant to staining caused by red wine, coffee, as well as exposure to nicotine.

Give strength to natural teeth

Though enamel may be the strongest material, it does not mean that your teeth will not get strengthening benefits. By placing veneers on your teeth, you are giving strength and protection to your natural teeth from some damage.

Enhance appearance

Porcelain veneers Sydney not only helps in covering stains and minor imperfections in the outer layer of your teeth, but they also work great in closing small gaps between your teeth. This makes sure that your teeth are even in height and thickness, thus a great solution for enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Better oral health

There is a possibility that gaps between your teeth are sometimes hard to clean, which in turn, results in decay and can also cause periodontal disease. But, when these gaps are being closed with veneers, it minimises the risk of developing further dental issues. This enables you to enjoy better oral health.

Final Words

Everyone wants to feel confident with the way they look. This can be possible by using porcelain veneers Sydney that help you to feel happier and completely satisfied with the appearance of your teeth.

These benefits and tips of cleaning veneers can help you understand the importance of veneers when it comes to correcting various dental problems. If you are ready to enhance your smile with this cosmetic procedure, consult an experienced cosmetic dentist today.

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